East Coast Computing offers a full line of both Hardware and Software. Listed below are just a few examples.  



Supreme Workhorse

AMD 2000+Mhz


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Network Ready

1.44Mb Floppy
133/7200 Hard Drive
32Mb Video
32x24x48 CDR-RW
16x48 DVD-ROM
10/100 RJ45 NIC
56k V.90 PCI Modem
32b Sound w/Speakers

Mid-Tower Case
19" .26 Hi-Res Monitor
Microsoft Keyboard
Microsoft Wheel Mouse
XP Pro



HP 820c USB Color Printer
Logitech USB Digi-Cam





Internet PC

Intel or AMD 1.4mhz


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128mb RAM
1.44Mb Floppy
30gb Hard Drive
8mb Video
52x CD-ROM
32bit Sound Card w/Speakers
56k V.90 PCI Modem
Mid-Tower Case
17" .28 Hi-Res Monitor
Internet Ready Keyboard
Wheel Mouse
XP Home Edition


Add 32x CDR-RW for $99



Many other choices (completely customizable) not listed here.



We also sell


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Cases, Cables, SystemBoards, Memory, Modems, NIC's, CDR-RW's, DVD's, DVD-R's, Sound Cards, Speakers,  Video Cards, Controller Cards, Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, Tape Drives, Keyboards, Mice, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Monitors, Notebooks, Servers, and much, much more


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Some of out Most Popular Customizable Applications





  Label Wizard
(view Power Point Presentation)
BarCode labeling with customizable customer and inventory database (16 and 32bit Windows App). Visual interface shows operator a picture of what label to load

Single user license


  Easy Tracker Asset Tracking made easy. 32bit Windows Customizable database includes abilities to track:
Employees, equipment, computer hardware and software. Tracks purchase, lease and maintenance cost, depreciation, location, vendors, and much more.

50+ customizable reports,

Does everything systems costing $25,000+ do.


Single User License


Server License (unlimited use)


  HelpDesk Commandor Stand alone or as a add-on to the Easy Tracker, this is a powerful, easy to use HelpDesk package no organization should be with out. Automatic ticket assignment, E-Mail forwarding, automatic call notification, 3 severity levels, view open and closed calls at a glance. Subject, Keyword, and sentence search capabilities.

HTML Question and Answer database allows users to research their own problems.

Used in conjuction with Easy Tracker, view callers hardware, software, and maintenace history.

Compare to systems costing $10,000+

Standalone Jet Engine Version:
(unlimited user)


Add-On to Easy Tracker


SQL Version

add $750



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